Dental treatments in general anaesthesia!

Nowadays dentists are much more capable than simply to fill decayed teeth or extract the ones sentenced to be irretrievable. Due to aesthetic dentistry, the perfect smile is not a dream, that never comes true, but an aim, that is achievable. We have also the goal to conceal the features of elderly patients in order to strengthen their self-confidence. Who would argue against the necessity of beautiful, well-groomed and bright teeth, that contribute to one’s civilized appearance. The aesthetic dentistry is a newly developing field of our profession, that goes all out for the nice and harmonic dentition.

Establishing the White Pearl Dental Office I accomplished „my dream of profession”.
Under my direction we have developed an office, that has been raised to an international level, where we apply methodes and procedures state-of-the-art. The reason for the existence of these was justified by not only the internationally accepted results of my career, but also by their adoption in the education.

A reassuring atmosphere and pleasant conditions are waiting for the patients in our office. To ease the situation and to make the treatments more pleasant there is a possibility for the patient to watch movies on DVD glasses. The patient can bring his/her favourite DVD too. Beside the therapy we emphasize the prophylaxis and the cosmetics of teeth. My colleagues possess professional expertise the kind of mine.

Our goal: to provide a safe, effective and productive treatment.

Our staff ensures, that the patients get all the informations about the treatments and also the physical and emotional support needed. Our Institute would like to keep being acknowladged in the field of dentistry for a long time.
For this reason we have made a regulation of quality control, which consists of elements, that can be improved and developed continuously, step-by-step. Among others we are doing the following activities: painless bleaching, dental treatments in general anaesthesia, painless anaesthesia, oral hygiene treatments, conservative treatments (esthetic restorations, inlays, root canal treatments), tooth jewls, fillings, dental prothetics (veneers, all-ceramic crowns, crowns, bridges, removable dentures, dowel-cores, implantations). Our continuing education and utmost expertise warrant the high level of the treatments. Beyond General Dentistry we also deal with Infant Dentistry.


The technician team of our office is wellknown. Those treatments that need technical work as well are carried out with superior quality materials and technology, always on time. The check-up and consultation are free of charge.

The regular control made by an expert is the most important part of the prevention.

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