Dental treatments in general anaesthesia

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Sleep through your dental treatment!

Good to see the patient smiling with relief and satisfaction!

A quite significant percent of the patients are anxious and afraid of the treatment. These situations might make our work impossible in many cases. For this reason we offer the opportunity of making any treatment in general anaesthesia when needed. Nowadays, we carry out the treatments in these cases with the full cooperation of the anaesthetist and the dentist using drugs without any side-effect.

The anaesthesia is accomplished with intravenous dosage of the medicine by the anaesthetist. Preoperative examination is only needed in the case, when the patient has knowledge of an illness, that would have an effect on the therapy. During the procedure the patient is between sleeping and wakefulness and he is able to communicate and cooperate. On the other hand, he doesn’t remember anything after the treatment, therefore he won’t have any unpleasant experience.

To prevent the occuring of any pain we apply local anaesthesia and general painkillers. Furthermore, this procedure has the advantage, that in the same appointment we are able to do not only one but more treatments. After the therapy the patient leaves the office with companion.

Sleeping patients are freed from the experience of the treatment, furthermore not even the noise of the drill will remain as a bad memory. It’s good to see the satisfied patients smiling carefreely.

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