Consulting hours, prices

Consulting hours

Monday: 15:00 - 20:00

Wednesday: 12:00 - 20:00

In case of emergency or if needed, extra appointments can be managed according to the previous discussion.
We are waiting for You, in a pre-agreed time, with free parking!

You don't have to wait!

To appointment, please call +36-20-243-4175 phone number all day, not only in ordering time! If the call didn't success, please repeat it later.

Informing prices

Almost every case has a more aesthetic and a less aesthetic solution. In accordance with this prices are different of course.

General anaesthesia (lasting for 1 hour): 25.000,- Ft

Professional bleaching

Full professional home tooth bleaching: 85.000,- Ft

Full professional tooth bleaching in the consultation room: 110.000,- Ft

Bleaching of root canal treated tooth: 18.000,- Ft

Aesthetic restorations

Aesthetic tooth-coloured fillings (according to size): from 12.000,- Ft

Aesthetic, tooth-coloured inlays: 45.000,- Ft

All-ceramic crowns: from 40.000,- Ft

Removable dentures: 170.000,- Ft

Dental jewel: 18.000,- Ft

Root canal treatment (according to the number of the canals): from 18.000,- Ft

Fillings for deciduous (infant) teeth (according to size): from 10.000,- Ft

Fluoride therapy with iontophoresis: 8.000,- Ft

Fissure sealing (per each): 9.000,- Ft

Tooth extraction: from 10.000,- Ft

Carving: from 40.000,- Ft

Root resection, cyst operation: 30.000,- Ft

X-ray: 2.500,- Ft

Professional Teeth Cleaning (ultrasonic plaque removal + removal of discolourations + polishing + gum treatment): 17.000,- Ft

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